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Thank you for your gifts of time and financial support to Christ's ministries at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church!  Your generosity helps make possible our worship services, fellowship opportunities, Christian education, and outreach ministries.

If you have any questions about giving, or any of the ways to give listed below, please contact


Cash or checks may be placed in the offering plate during Sunday worship. Personal checks also may be mailed to the church office:

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

5340 Primrose Lake Circle

Tampa FL 33647


Use your bank’s bill pay system to make a one-time gift or establish a recurring donation.  The bank will mail a check to the church on your behalf.  Bill pay systems are usually free to use and require the following information:

Pay to:

St. Andrew Presbyterian Church

5340 Primrose Lake Circle

Tampa FL 33647



You may give online via electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings account or by using your debit or credit card. You may set up a one-time gift or a recurring gift.  A 2% fee is deducted from online gifts by the service provider.  Please click on the button below to give online. 


Shares of publicly traded stock may be donated to St. Andrew.  The church has a local broker who will receive the shares, sell them at a discounted commission rate and send a check to the church.  The donor is credited with the full market value of the shares on the date they are received and sold.  Contact Bob Keith, Treasurer 813-244-0179 or the Church Office 813-513-8822 for more information.


If you are over 70 ½, you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) directly from your IRA to the church.  In order for it to qualify as a QCD, the payment must be made directly from your IRA to St. Andrew.  Giving through a QCD benefits you by counting toward your Required Minimum Distribution while not counting as income to you. In order to give a QCD, you should instruct your IRA custodian to make the distribution directly to St. Andrew.  You will need to provide the following information to your IRA custodian:

St Andrew Presbyterian Church

3840 Primrose Lake Circle; Tampa FL 33647


Tax ID: 01-0876835


You may wish to make St. Andrew a beneficiary of your estate, fund an endowment for a position or program, or have a charitable trust make donations to the church.  Should you have an interest in any of these, contact the church treasurer.

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